Red Dot District Podcast

EP 07 Tattooing Culture Feat. Tooth Part 1

February 19, 2021

Dirt, Mitch, & special guest Tooth talk about tattooing and the culture build within and around it. We dive into discussions on discrimination and abuse behind closed doors, how to clients can recognize red flags and make sure their funds are going to good artists.

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Check out these artists:

@bean_goblin_tattoos clean linework tattoos, mostly blackwork w/ color accents, line shading 
@the_tinyfire clean illusration work (great floral designs!)
@papafritas.tattoos traditional/ neo traditional blackwork and color tattoos 
@carrion.beetle neo traditional illustrative tattoos, color and blackwork
@_sashimi_dream_ unique, cute and creepy linework tattoos
@freakoutyonder creepy and very cool illustrative designs, mostly blackwork  (very unique designs!!)
@fillywilly simple and clean illustrative blackwork tatoos
@earth2kilo delicate line tattoos with shading, some color
@imfromindiana neo traditional and illusrative tattoos (does great color work on darker skin tones!)
@chuckfristian sick ignorant style tattoos and portraits 
@cardboardcouch clean illustrative handpoked tattoos
@discounttobacc0 cute/creepy illustrative and abstract designs, color and blackwork clean af abstract designs (also very unique!)
@eeeeeeeeee.eeeeeeee.eeeeeeeeee very unique abstract designs, color and blackwork 
@vampiresnacks clean simple linework tattoos 

Music By "Matteo Tura"
Song "Matilde"

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